What’s a Welcome Service?

Carrying on a local tradition that’s existed in Kerr County since the 1950’s, Kristin the Welcome Lady extends the hand of hospitality by delivering a free welcome basket to newcomers.  Each basket introduces newcomers to quality resources in 5 categories:Kerr County Greeters

  • Fun Stuff:  information about fun area attractions, with free/discounted tickets
  • Churches:  gifts and invitations to area worship opportunities
  • Health:  health care gifts and information
  • Good Eats:  coupons and gift certificates to area restaurants
  • At Home:  gifts, promos, and coupons from local service providers

AND . . . every basket includes beautiful home-baked cookies!

This service helps newcomers quickly find what they need and make connections that help them feel at home here in Kerr County.

Moving to a new home is stressful.  Becoming established in a new place can be challenging.  Along with placing furniture and navigating through new streets, there are lots of everyday questions:

  • Which health providers have a good reputation and accept new patients?
  • Which mechanics are experienced and ethical?
  • Who’s a quality vet / groomer / pet sitter?
  • Who’s a reliable contractor or handyman?
  • What is there for kids to do around here?
  • Where are the local favorite hot spots?
  • How can I connect with others who share my interests?

Kerr County Greeters exists to help newcomers quickly find answers to these questions and many more.  In addition to being practical, it is a heartfelt outpouring of hospitality.

We’d love to welcome you or someone you know!         Give us a call at 830-257-0599