patriotic welcomeWho may receive a welcome basket?  Anyone who has moved to Kerr County within the last year or so.

What does it cost?   The welcome basket is free!  The goodies are provided as a gesture of hospitality from area organizations who want you to feel welcome.

Is the basket only for people who live in Kerrville?  Welcome baskets are delivered all over Kerr County–to Center Point, the western edge of Comfort, Hunt, Mountain Home and Ingram.  Most of the goodies are from Kerrville-based businesses so it would be less useful for folks outside Kerr County.

I used to live here, but moved away and came back.  May I have a welcome basket?   Sure, if you would find it fun or useful.  You are eligible if you have been away at least a year.

We moved here 18 months ago.  Are we still eligible?   The basket is intended to help newcomers get acquainted with good stuff in the area as they are settling in.   If you have been here a little longer than that and would still find it fun and useful, you’re welcome to have one.

1000 Welcomes
1000 Welcomes in Gaelic

I grew up here, but my spouse is new to the area.  I’m sure you’re doing a great job helping your spouse find their way around, but it would still be a pleasure to bring y’all a basket.  Don’t you want your spouse to enjoy the warmth and hospitality that is a hallmark of our area?  Don’t be shy–give me a call.

How do you find newcomers?   Through a lot of word-of-mouth.  Many times folks who received a welcome basket when they moved here call to request a basket for a neighbor who has just moved in.  Help spread the word!

What’s the catch?   There’s no catch.  I’m not going to try to sell you anything or recruit you for anything.  This welcoming service is hospitality ministry paid for by the participants in the welcome program, who I have invited to donate goodies to newcomers.  They are organizations that our family and friends have personally had great experience with, are well-established and well-regarded in the area, and/or are considered local “hidden treasures”.  The heart of this ministry is extending hospitality to strangers, and a desire to build community by extending kindness and helpfulness.  For real!

WagonAre you collecting cookies on this site?  No.  I’m not that high-tech.  I give out delicious cookies in the welcome baskets!  Seriously, though.  I ask for your email and phone number to facilitate getting in touch with you.  I never share your phone number unless you have explicitly given me permission to do so for a specific reason.  Some sponsors of the welcome program will receive your mailing contact information–and now, in our COVID-impacted economy, your email address–to send you additional greetings and promos.  If you prefer that they don’t do that, just tell me and I’ll honor your request.

Why can’t I find you on social media?  I feel strongly that developing person-to-person relationships is better for our world, so I choose to NOT invest time cultivating digital relationships.  There are plenty of convenient ways to connect–phone, email, and use the Share tool on this website to let others know about the welcome service.