Love Letters

Folks are really pleased to receive a hand-prepared welcome basket chock-full of goodies and info they can use.10 teal  Here are examples of letters newcomers have sent in thanks:

VJ left this voice message:  “You came to our home [where we visited on the front porch].  We just wanted to thank you because that was a wonderful meeting.  You are such a representative of your job; you don’t make it feel like a job!  You make us feel like we are really a part of our community—you . . us . . . us . . . we!  You were so joyful and fun and had so much to tell us.  We have had the most wonderful experiences going out into the community, feeling the welcome and using our coupons.  We just wanted to tell you the whole experience has been so great.  Thank you for calling back [with the additional information we requested . . . ]  Anyway, we’ve been using our coupons.  We love the way you organized things into categories like Fun Stuff and Churches and Home Activities and Health.  It took us a whole week to get through everything and now we’re going back through it all and yes, using our coupons.  We would really enjoy having our email added to your list.  We hope that we can continue to be in touch with you.  Our dogs thank you, as well, for all the fun treats!  Your cookies were delicious (I guess your friend’s cookies.)  That was so cute.  Everything was so personalized.  The little gifts that [your sponsors] sent with their advertising, like the tire air pressure thing from Discount Tire.  It all is so meaningful and you just put a lot of time and energy—a mask, a packet of seeds–and so we thank you!”

RA says:  I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing basket you put together.  I finally got to look through everything thoroughly and . . . wow . . . not only was it fun, it was exciting to read about all the terrific places to see and activities to do.  It is obvious you put a lot of work into putting these baskets together.  I am impressed . . . and grateful for your efforts.  Thank you so much!!  It was fun to talk with you—thanks again for all your efforts and time that morning.

CE says:  Thank you so much for your incredibly thoughtful welcome basket!  I have already tried out some new places thanks to you!  Your thoughtfulness is so much appreciated.  You are a light to this community.  Blessings on your work.

 D & R say:  We wanted to thank you for our Welcome Basket.  It was like Christmas!  We’ve already used some of our coupons.  Thanks so much for what you do!

CP says:  I wanted to thank you for your gracious gift.  I am humbled by your wonderful gift and thoughtful visit to welcome me to Kerrville.  I am blessed by your warm welcome and your vast knowledge of the area.  Thank you so much

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T & L say:  Thank you so much for stopping by with cookies and that amazing welcome basket.  We are still “reviewing” the information.  Most of the food coupons were used quickly, but we have been too obsessed with getting the house in shape to take advantage of the entertainment, medical & financial possibilities.  Even the massage coupon will have to wait for a down day, but nothing will have gone to waste.  We even ingratiated ourselves with the neighbor’s dog with the dog biscuits and vet supplies Just loved your visit!

RT says:  I’m overflowing with thankfulness!  [Col 2:7]  Thank you for the nice welcome basket and visit last week.  It has been quite an adjustment moving here to Center Point!  Your kindness came on a day I really needed it!  The pamphlets and coupons and information will truly come in handy.  I can’t thank you enough!  God Bless your ministry as you bless others.

D & M say:  Thank you for all you do for Kerrville & newcomers!  I didn’t know there were still angels out there!

AN says:  Thank you so much for the beautiful gift basket full of local “goodies”!  Also, thank you for your persistence in meeting with me—I know it was an effort.  We have really enjoyed going through the basket and will use many of the suggested vendors and coupons.  It was a pleasure meeting you—I hope I’ll see you again!  Thanks again!

JT says:  Thanks so much for the awesome basket, and especially for the warm welcome and your suggestions of local businesses of particular interest to me.  You’re truly a Kerr County gem.

BG says:  Thank you so much for bringing the welcome basket to us!  What a great intro to Kerr County!  The information both in the basket and that you shared with me will really come in handy.  I can honestly say that we have never been made to feel so welcome in any place ever!  Thank you so much for that!

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SF says:  What a treat it was to be “welcomed” to Kerrville!  I can’t imagine how much time you put into soliciting goodies for the Welcome Basket.  The basket was filled with great information and gift cards that I put to use almost immediately.   Not knowing many in the area, the visit was so nice.  Thank you for coming to meet with me.  Your gift of time was so appreciated.  Thank you for making me feel welcome!  I appreciate you and look forward to getting to know you.

 CD says:  Just wanted to say how great it was to meet and visit with you – and how much I appreciate all the goodies in the basket.  I have already used several of the coupons and dutifully told them they came from the Welcome Program.  Thanks to you I’ve discovered the wonders of GIBSON’S!!  Thanks also for the “extras” – tailored to my special interests.  You are doing a TERRIFIC job and are the epitome of the Kerrville spirit which is so wonderful.  A thousand thanks!!!  I’d love to just get together sometime for a coffee and chat.  🙂

KH says:  Thank you soooo much for the WONDERFUL welcome basket you brought.  Not only was it beautiful, but it was full of so many useful gifts.  You went to a lot of work in putting this together and recruiting gifts from businesses.  Your efforts did not go unnoticed!  My daughter insisted that we contact you and I’m glad we did.  Thank you again for welcoming us to Kerrville and blessing us with such a nice gift basket!

J & G say:  Thank you so much for our welcome basket.  We found the contents of the basket very helpful, and you listened well when I mentioned our needs over the phone.  Thanks again for facilitating our welcome to the City of Kerrville!7 kid craft

CK wrote:  Boy, you weren’t kidding!  We started going through the basket this evening and it will take a while to go through, but you did such a great job of organizing it!  So much helpful information.  I texted my daughter and sister about this gesture and they were just amazed!  Of course, hubby hit the cookies first–ha!  Come by anytime!

 SH says:  Thank you so much for the fantastic Welcome Basket.  I am thoroughly enjoying it.  You are so sweet and thoughtful.  Also, it was very nice to meet you.  Thanks again.

 CM says:  Thank you so much for the great goodie basket!  How kind & generous of everyone–even treats for my dog.  I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

 DS says:  Thanks Kristin!!  I enjoyed meeting you!  You are a very personable lady with a kind heart and a love for our Lord.  I appreciate that!

 FZ says:  Thank you for the information! It was so good bumping into you again today. Such a surprise to see someone in town I actually know! Not used to that. I also wanted you to know how much I enjoyed meeting with you and spending time together. Thank you so much for the breakfast and the basket. It is obvious it is a labor of love. I am enjoying it and learning as I go.6 gr white

AP says:  Wow!  What a blessing that you are providing this ministry.  We just moved here about a week and a half ago from El Paso, TX….like you, we were wanting a smaller community for our family.  I surely do appreciate tips on getting to know this new place that we hope will begin to feel like home!  May the Lord bless you for your kindness.

LA & SB say:  Thank you so much for stopping by to share your knowledge of Kerrville and deliver our welcome basket!  It was such a pleasure talking to you.  You provided us with great information on resources that we now have at our fingertips.  We’re looking forward to exploring them.  The gifts were also fun and delightful!  We’ve lived in many cities, but never before have we been welcomed in such a warm way.  Thank you for carrying on Kerrville’s lovely tradition.  Many blessing to you and your loved ones,

M says:  Sometimes people don’t get the recognition and thanks they deserve.  But this is to let you know that the work you do is important . . . and it is greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much.  I am grateful for all that you shared with us.

J & S say:  We want to thank you very much for coming out & your friendly welcome & basket!  You are a good person for this–great personality.  We appreciate the hospitality.

 BF says:  Thank you again for the absolutely wonderful WELCOME BASKET.  My husband & I really enjoyed looking through all the information . . . and eating the cookies!  I also appreciate getting to know you.

J & L say:  Thank you so much for coming out to welcome us last week.  J & I are excited to be here in Kerrville and look forward to getting involved in the community.  I’m sure we will see you around.  Thank you again for your very kind welcome & gift basket.

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CAW says:  I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful basket!  We loved it. The kids loved the cookies.  Thank you again—it was a wonderful treat.

 M & R say:  Thank you for the fun basket.  We found many new places we must visit.  Your visit brought joy to my heart.

H & E say:  Thanks for the wonderful Welcome BasketYou were right about the cookies–they were as good as they are beautiful!  My husband has already read the history books that were included in our gift basket as we are getting ready to participate in the West Texas Historical Days at Fort McCavitt in two weeks.